Dishonesty Bonds

Dishonesty Bonds – provide protection against losses by theft or embezzlement by employees. Most small businesses can not recover from a substantial loss and it is imperative to protect your business. Unfortunately, theft, dishonesty and fraud are a real danger in every business. While you can put many precautions in place to try and protect your business a Dishonesty Bond can provide you protection if an event were still to occur.

A Dishonesty Bond will offer some protection to employers for their assets, money, property and information. The amount of coverage will depend on the company itself and what kind of coverage they really need. Large corporate companies will carry much larger policies than a smaller business due to the number of threats it will have to deal with.

Although employers try to hire the right people with the the ethics and morals that we would all want in our company, it is unfortunately a necessity in the business world.

Janitorial Bonds

Janitorial Bonds – provide protection to a third party whose property is being cleaned by a janitorial service or house cleaner. While these bonds are voluntary it lets your clients know that their belongings and property are safe from theft. Many prospective clients will want to know that your company is licensed and bonded before doing business with someone. By providing a Janitorial Cleaning Service Bond, you show your potential clients that your company can be trusted and is worthy of providing services.

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