When people think of insurance, they generally never fail to make sure they have the proper insurance on their home, cars, boats, etc; But what about insuring your most important asset… You! A bad accident, major illness, or death can leave you and your family in a devastating financial situation. Having the proper Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Health Insurance can ensure that your assets, income, and your family will be well protected in the event something like this should occur.

Life Insurance – Life Insurance is important in the event of your passing that your beneficiaries will be provided with a certain amount of money to pay off debts that are left behind, funeral expenses, education, or to help with the daily expenses for the ones you left behind. Life Insurance premiums are based on factors such as age, gender, medical history and the amount of the policy you want carry. Some Life Insurance policies even provide benefits to you are your family while you are still living.

Disability Insurance – Do you need Short Term Disability or Long Term Disability? Is your policy going to be Noncancelable or Guaranteed Renewable? Do you need Additional Purchase Options and what is the Cost of Living Adjustment? Short and Long Term Disability can be a difficult decision. Let one of our agents’ guide you through the process of making sure you get the right coverages you need.

Health Insurance – PPO, HMO, EPO, POS, what coverage is right for you? When choosing Health insurance you need to take in account a number of variables when trying to select the correct insurance coverage for yourself. Harrison Insurance prides itself in making sure that we are always doing the right thing for our clients. Let us help you make an informed decision about the type of insurance that you really need.